Bellslov Estate Limited was founded after years of research to alleviate acute deficiency of living accommodation in Ghana urban cities. Under the management of competent expertise from overseas, the project incorporates by end-2015 where superior state-of-art homes for residence in urban cities will be provided. Bellslov Estate Limited will build luxury and affordable residents around Accra under the management of competent expertise, whose quick decision making will provide a personal touch in interacting with customers. To stay focused on providing superior service to our residents, Bellslov Estate Limited will continued to invest in the latest technology and extensive training program for its management and workers.

Bellslov Estate Limited is a decisive and in innovative housing association that develops, builds and manages homes and other property around urban metropolis in Ghana. We also intend to manage homes, shops and commercial sites, and  as well as shopping malls, making it one of the pioneers’ in renting homes and commercial premises in Ghana. We will prioritize in social housing to achieve our main goal. Our services cannot be expressed in terms of money, but quality of life, in social contacts, safety and opportunities for our clients. The money we make by letting houses and the profits we achieve from sales will be reinvest in social housing and community projects.

At Bellslov Estate Limited we believe that living well, sound and healthy involves more than just having a home. We do not provide just a place to live; we cater for all needs for personal growth and social mobility. We offer high-quality service and contribute to the quality of the housing market by building new homes and improving existing houses. We will create more jobs as we continue to grow and will continue to train recent graduates who intend to pursue a career in real estate. Our services include renting out decent homes to workers and businessmen. These houses are affordable by any standard and tenants will be treated as home-owners provided they keep their promises and take good care of the premises and the surroundings. We together with the tenants design surroundings that suit their families. We will take any complaint by tenants very serious and if the need arise, we will provide security services in the neighbourhood and also try to set up a market in the area, as well as transport link to the inner city.

Our services shall also include managing rented offices, shopping malls and public places of entertainment.  We will also act as real estate agent for both public and private companies, as well as private individuals.