Our believe is that many are looking for houses to rent but getting a qualified renter is, at least, the best process necessary to be successful in property management. For a house to attract a good-qualified renter it must be in a good, well-located property that is clean, well maintained and affordable. It is our mission to offer the cleanest, best maintained, best located rental homes around urban cities. We endeavor to stand out from the crowd by the quality of our homes and the quality of our services. We cannot guarantee 100% perfection, but we will strive to be measurably better than the competition.
Our objective is to manage only single-family houses, town homes or duplex residential property that is, or can become, the attractive, well maintained dwellings that attract the most desirable renters. To this end, we reserve the right to refuse management services to anyone who is not willing to maintain or provide necessary care to bring our property up to acceptable standards designed to attract the most desirable future renters.
Whether the renter needs caring or not, we have qualified people on the other end of the phone to answer their problems or enquire.
Bellslov believes:
A well maintained, attractively decorated, clean property is more likely to attract:
1. A renter who desires to live in a clean, well-maintained home.
2. A renter with the discipline to keep it clean.
3. A renter who will be less likely to abuse the property.
4. A renter who is more likely to pay the rent as agreed.
5. A renter who is more likely to fulfill the term of the lease.
6. A renter who is more likely to remain in the property longer.
7. The type of renter that is best for the owner/investor.