Bellslov Background

Why should you rent, instead of buying? You’ll love the feeling of having something that’s all yours — a home where your own personal style will tell the world who you are. A thriving vegetable garden in the backyard, a tiled entryway, a yellow kitchen. When you own, you can do it all your way! There’s more to owning a home than personal satisfaction. For many people, owning a home is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream.

What are the advantages?

  • Greater privacy.

  • Homes typically increase in value.

  • Your costs are predictable and more stable than renting because they’re ideally based on a fixed-rate mortgage, if any.

  • The government encourages workers to own homes and have incentive packages.

  • There’s pride in home ownership, which also closely ties you to your community.


 Contract #1 ~ Self Financing Purchase – Outright Purchase

Under this contract, the home Buyer inspects the house; and all architectural drawings and designs are inspected as well. If the Buyer agrees with our price, terms and conditions, the buyer shall deposit one-third (1/3) of the amount within 14 DAYS in Bellslov Estate Limited account. Our lawyers will prepare the Handover Contract within 14 Working Days. The Buyer has the RIGHT to change his/her mind within 7 WORKING DAYS to notify us if he/she rescinds buying or ask for delay in paying the rest of amount. In the absence of these, the remaining amount (i.e. two-thirds) shall be deposited in Bellslov Estate Limited account before the Handover Contract is signed and house keys are immediately handed over to the Buyer.

Contract #2 ~ Self Financing Purchase – Installment

Under the contract, the following payment plans shall be incorporated between Bellslov Estated Limited and the home Buyer. Failure to live up to the contract shall attract extra charge or termination of the contract or both.

25% of the cost price as initial deposit at the execution of this agreement;

25% of the cost price paid 90 days after the initial deposit;

25% of the cost price paid at the roof level; and

25% of the cost price paid on completion of construction.


Contract#3 ~ Purchase through Mortgage Financing

 Under the contract, payment of minimum deposit as indicated by mortgage financier;

Payment of required percentage by mortgage financier at roofing level;

Final payment by mortgage financier before completion and handing over.


Contract#4 ~ Free Range Agreement

 Under this contract, the home Buyer shall contract Bellslov Estate Limited to build a house for him/her at any location in Ghana with or without our style of house design. If the house design does not conform to our architectural designs, such a house shall not be accepted in our Estate. With this contract, half of the payment will be done and at the lintel level, a complete payment shall be done. When such a house is being built outside our Estates, Bellslov Estate Limited shall not be held responsible if a land litigation or disputes prohibits us to execute such property.