Mission & Shared Values


Bellslov Estate Limited provides quality homes and excellent service at all levels of affordability for workers and businessmen. At each level, we seek to be the customer’s first choice. We will succeed by treating our customers, employees and vendors as we personally like to be treated. We will achieve financial success while promoting an atmosphere of mutual trust, honesty and integrity. Our mission is to support acute shortage of homes for urban dwellers.

Our mission comprises more than providing a high-quality and comfortable home for our clients. Bellslov Estate Limited will also build Shops/Malls and develop commercial sites, car parking facilities and social real estate such as schools, residential care complexes and community centres. Bellslov Estate Limited invests in quality and sustainability and in a clean and safe living environment. We devote a great deal of attention to green open spaces, to the use of water and art, and to appealing, innovative architectural objects that lend an attractive character to residential areas and that boost the quality of public spaces. We will work closely with government bodies and local businesses.


Shared Values

We believe we can best accomplish our mission by living these values daily:

Superior Customer Service: We will be easily available to provide effective and efficient service at every customer contact. We will treat our customers with a caring attitude, respond with a sense of urgency, and provide an equitable resolution when needed.

Honesty, Integrity & Fairness: We will act openly, equitably and consistently in all that we do. We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

Excellence: We will achieve superior job performance by always striving to do our best. We will promote from within and provide training at all levels so that our employees can reach their full potential. We will convey a professional attitude and appearance at all times.

Teamwork: We are committed to coming together as a diverse workforce to achieve our mission. We recognize that our stakeholders are our most valuable asset and will reward meaningful contributions to our success.

Efficiency: We will provide our services in the most economical and efficient way without compromising quality.

Forward Thinking: We will act rather than react. We will maintain flexibility and seek opportunities in the ever-changing marketplace.