Bellslov Estate Limited is a newly registered and incorporated as company limited by Guarantee, under Ghana’s Companies Code 1963, Act 179, and accredited by the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), which will provide residential accommodation for workers and businessmen around Accra Metropolis and other metropolitan cities in Ghana. Bellslov Estate Limited is licensed by The Ministry of Water, Works and Housing to undertake any turnkey construction project in Ghana. Our core mission is to support acute shortage of homes for urban dwellers. We believe we can best accomplish our mission by living these values daily: taking responsibility for quality, deliver customer satisfaction, provides leadership as a company, act with urgency, and act with integrity.

Bellslov Estate Limited will provide homes and excellent services at all levels of affordability for workers and businessmen. Bellslov Estate Limited concept is based on Ghana Vision-2020 concept where around 1.7 million houses are needed to achieve a middle income economy. The government is working on programme to promote the supply of sufficient housing for the entire population through housing finance, ensure that all houses have adequate facilities and all located in healthy environments. This implies that, the subsequent projects will be pre-finance by the government entities or by individual homeowners through home-finance. Another advantage is that, there are no building corporations in Ghana with exception of small estate companies who cannot meet the demand of the housing shortage, believing the housing prices will appreciate in next fifty years.

Bellslov Estate Limited long-term goals is to be one of the biggest building corporation in Ghana where it will also build houses and apartments for sale or rent to meet the low income dwellers across the country and beyond.  We plan to provide houses for students and teachers  at all levels. Our services shall include providing accommodation for security personnel and public and civil servants. We shall build shopping mores, stores, entertainment centres etc.

We also  management homes for people as estate agents.